House Points

House points are used to ballot for rooms during your next year’s stay on residence. Only 30% of rooms are available for ALL upper year students so rooms will be assigned based on a points system. Because of the limited number of rooms and high demand, successful applicants require a lot of house points in order to be re-admitted to residence. If more than one person ballot for the same room, the person with the most house points will be awarded the room, so it’s important to start accumulating points early in the year.

House points are earned through attending and planning events. You earn 1/3 of a house point for each event attended and 1 full house point for each event hosted. You can also earn house points by becoming involved in volunteering and leadership positions in your house or college. A detailed break down can be found here:

House Points Breakdown

You can check your house points and claim involvement points here:

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